No Knock Over

A mod for Ravenfield
About the No Knock Over mod

Empower your character to resist the impact of explosions in Ravenfield with the No Knock Over mod. Prevent your player from being knocked over by explosions and maintain stability during intense combat scenarios. Additionally, instantly fall over at your command with the Fall Over feature.

Improved Player Immunity

Enhance your gaming experience by preventing your player from being knocked over by explosions in Ravenfield. This mod provides stability and resistance, allowing you to withstand nearby explosions without falling over, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay.

Enhanced Battlefield Presence

Stand your ground and maintain battlefield presence in Ravenfield with the ability to resist the impact of explosions. This mod empowers players to remain upright and focused during intense combat scenarios, improving overall gameplay and strategic advantage.

Unyielding Player Control

Take control of your player's stability in Ravenfield with the option to resist the force of explosions. This mod offers the advantage of withstanding explosions without being knocked over, granting players unyielding control over their character's movements during intense battles.

Extra Details

Prevent your player from being knocked over by explosions.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Knock Over

Prevent your player from being knocked over. You will typically be knocked over by near by explosions. This won't stop the fall over action included with this mod pack.

Fall Over

Make yourself instantly fall over. This is best bound to a key so you can fall over on command.

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