Disable Raids

A mod for RimWorld
About the Disable Raids mod

This mod lets you disable raiding events in the game, allowing you to enjoy a threat-free gameplay experience. Focus on building and expanding your colony without the looming anxiety of unexpected enemy attacks.

Create Your Ideal Colony

With the incoming threats disabled, players can fully immerse themselves in crafting the perfect colony. Focus on expanding your base, cultivating crops, and enhancing relationships with fellow settlers without interruptions.

Experiment with Gameplay

Disable the pressure of raids to explore and test new strategies. You can try out innovative colony layouts or delve into advanced crafting without worrying about sudden invasions.

Relax and Enjoy a Casual Experience

This mod is designed for those who prefer a leisurely pace. Enjoy the storytelling elements of RimWorld while escaping the stress of constant raid attacks, making your playtime much more enjoyable.

Extra Details

Disables all raids. No new raids will start while this is enabled. Existing raids will not be stopped.

This modpack contains the following mods

Disable Raids

Disables all raids. No new raids will start while this is enabled.

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