The Unlock Mod

A mod for Risk of Rain 2
About the The Unlock Mod mod

Unlock all characters, abilities and other unlockables available through the in-game unlock system with a single click. Enjoy the freedom to access and experience all in-game content without the hassle of progression requirements.

Unlock Everything with Ease

Instantly unlock all characters, their abilities, and every other in-game unlockable with just a single click. Enjoy the convenience of accessing all content without going through time-consuming unlocking processes.

Explore Every Character and Ability

Experience the full diversity of the game by unlocking and mastering every character and their unique abilities. Unleash the full potential of the game and discover various playstyles and strategies by accessing all unlockable content effortlessly.

Enhance Your Gameplay

Elevate your gaming experience by unlocking all characters, abilities, and other unlockables in Risk of Rain 2. Gain an edge in gameplay and explore the game's full potential without the limitations of unlocking requirements.

Extra Details

Unlock all characters, abilities and every other unlock that is available through the unlock system.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock Everything

Unlock all characters, abilities and other unlockables. Click onto a character and back off a character if skills are not unlocked.

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