Unstuck Window

A mod for Rusty's Retirement
About the Unstuck Window mod

Manage your farm effortlessly with this non-intrusive mod. Easily reset the position of the game window to its default setting, ensuring your farm is saved and remains accessible. Take control of your farming experience and enjoy peace of mind with this simple yet effective solution.

Overview Video
Farm Position Control

Take control of your farm's position using the drag and move feature. Never worry about losing your farm off-screen again, this mod ensures the saved position of your farm.

Seamless Farming Experience

Enhance your Rusty's Retirement experience without intruding on gameplay. This mod offers a simple solution to reset the window position, ensuring your farm remains accessible and enjoyable.

Convenient Farm Management

Simplify your farming tasks with the ability to reset the window position effortlessly. This mod ensures your progress is preserved, giving you peace of mind as you manage your farm.

Extra Details

Reset the position of the window to the default. You can drag and move the farm by holding right click. Sometimes you drag it too far and it disappears off the screen. This mod can be used to restore the position to the original position so it won't be lost anymore. Saving your farm.

This modpack contains the following mods

Reset Window Position

Reset the position of the Window to the default.

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