Item Manager

A mod for Salt
About the Item Manager mod

Empower your Salt gameplay by effortlessly managing and personalizing your in-game inventory with the Item Manager mod. Give yourself items such as Agile Boots and more, specify quantities, and refresh available items with ease.

Effortless Item Management

Quickly and effortlessly customize your in-game inventory by giving yourself items, such as Agile Boots and more, to boost your gameplay experience without the hassle.

Seamless Inventory Upkeep

Easily refresh your available items, update your inventory, and specify the number of items you wish to receive for a smooth and personalized gaming journey.

Enhance Gameplay Experience

Take charge of your gaming experience by effortlessly managing and updating your inventory, ensuring your gameplay is tailored to your preference with ease.

Extra Details

Give yourself items.

This modpack contains the following mods

Item To Give

The item to give when giving an item.

Refresh Available Items

Refreshes all the items that are available to give.

Item Give Count

The number of items to give each time you use 'give item'.

Give Item

Give the specified item to you.

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