Time Manager

A mod for Salt
About the Time Manager mod

Eager to explore Salt at your own pace? This unique mod enables you to change the time of day, allowing you to set the perfect atmosphere for your adventurous journeys. Whether you want to bask in the glow of dawn or explore under the brilliant sun of midday, experience the world of Salt like never before.

Personalize Your Exploration

Imagine sailing the vast oceans of Salt at the time that suits your mood. Whether you prefer the soft glow of dawn or the bright joy of midday, adjusting the time allows you to create the perfect backdrop for your adventures.

Time Stops for You

Enjoy a more relaxed gameplay experience by freezing time. This feature makes it easier to thoroughly explore islands, seek treasures, or plan your next move without the constant tick of the clock.

Experience Days in a New Light

Each moment in Salt can feel different. By selecting your preferred time of day, you enhance your gameplay, making the beautifully crafted landscapes even more striking against the light of your choosing.

Extra Details

Change the time of day, change the date and become a time lord.

This modpack contains the following mods

Time To Set

Select a time of day and then use the set time action to set the time to the time you selected.

Set Time

Set the time to the time you selected.

Freeze Time

Makes time no longer progress. Change to a time of day that suits and then stop time from ever progressing.

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