Increase Drag Strength

A mod for Sandbox Anything
About the Increase Drag Strength mod

Transform the way you play with enhanced drag strength, allowing you to easily place and manipulate objects without the usual effort. Enjoy an uninterrupted building experience in Sandbox Anything, whether you want to chill out or approach challenges head-on.

Streamlined Object Management

With the enhanced drag capabilities, you can easily manage multiple physics-enabled objects without the hassle of slow dragging. This makes it easier to focus on your creativity instead of the mechanics of placement.

Tailor Your Experience

Adjust the strength multiplier to fit your style. Whether you prefer a laid-back building session or a more challenging puzzle experience, the customization options allow you to tailor the game just how you like it.

Perfect for Creative Minds

If you love building and experimenting with structures, this mod can be a game-changer. By significantly simplifying the process of dragging items, it encourages exploration and innovative design in every level.

Extra Details

Increases the strength of your drag action. You can multiply your strength to make the game easier. A value as high as 100 allows you to just place things where ever you want instead of slowly dragging them.

This modpack contains the following mods

Increase Drag Strength

Gives you increase drag strength.

Strength Multiplier

A multiplier for your strength.

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