A mod for Season's Beatings
About the Essentials mod

This mod presents a suite of impactful enhancements for Season's Beatings, including invincibility, unlimited ammunition, level unlocking, customizable weapon selection, total snowflakes accumulation, and enemy elimination power. With these features, players can enjoy an enhanced and unrestrained gaming experience.

Overview Video
Elevate Your Gameplay with Invincibility

Safeguard your character from harm and infuse your gameplay with confidence by activating the invincibility feature, allowing you to dominate the game without fear of defeat.

Unleash Unprecedented Arsenal Power

Bask in the unlimited ammunition supply that this mod provides, ensuring that you have endless firepower at your disposal to obliterate any opposition you may encounter.

Experience Unrestricted Exploration and Power

Gain the freedom to explore every game level and embrace the potential of your character by using the mod to unlock all levels and access exclusive content, bringing a new level of excitement to your gaming experience.

Extra Details

Having trouble with the game? Wanting to unlock extra content? This mod pack adds invincibility, unlimited ammo, weapon select, unlock all levels, kill all enemies and total snowflakes.

This modpack contains the following mods


Makes it so you can't die.

Unlimited Ammo

Gives you unlimited ammo.

Selected Weapon

Select which weapon you currently have.

Unlock All Levels

Unlock all levels.

Total Snowflakes

Total snowflakes. The total number of snowflakes controls what unlocks you have.

Kill All Enemies

Kill every enemy that is currently alive.

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