Give Money

A mod for Shark Simulator
About the Give Money mod

Empower your Shark Simulator experience with a user-friendly 'Give Money' mod. Seamlessly acquire a specified amount of in-game money, customizable to your preferences. Elevate your gameplay and immerse yourself in the full spectrum of possibilities with this accessible and convenient enhancement.

Tailored Wealth Boost

Amplify your in-game wealth instantly with a customizable money acquisition feature. With the ability to specify the exact amount of money, skyrocket your financial prowess in Shark Simulator, empowering your gameplay.

Gameplay Enhancement

Unleash the full potential of Shark Simulator with the capability to effortlessly give yourself in-game money. Tailor your gaming experience by loading your shark with as much financial power as you desire, elevating your gameplay to new heights.

Versatile Money Management

Gain direct control over your in-game finances by leveraging the mod's convenience and flexibility. With the ability to grant yourself a chosen sum of money, enjoy the freedom to navigate Shark Simulator on your terms, unlocking a myriad of possibilities.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of money.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Money to Give

The amount of money to give.

Give Money

Give the specified amount of money.

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