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Infinite Water
Ensure your shelter's water supply is never an issue with this mod. Experience an infinite water supply, with water sources such as Medium Water Butts constantly filled. Additionally, this mod removes contamination from water sources, providing clean and safe water for your family's survival.
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    Infinite Fuel
    Enjoy an endless supply of fuel for your generators with this mod, guaranteeing an uninterrupted power source to sustain your shelter in the challenging world of Sheltered.
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      Player Stats
      Take your Sheltered gameplay to the next level with this mod, providing unlimited thirst, hunger, tiredness, toilet, dirtiness, stress, trauma and loyalty stats. Enjoy complete control over your player's needs and stress levels for a truly personalized gaming experience.
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        About Sheltered

        Sheltered is a deep and emotional survival management game. You take on the role of protecting four family members who, after a global apocalypse, have found their way to a deserted shelter.