Player Stats

A mod for Slime Rancher
About the Player Stats mod

Transform your Slime Rancher gameplay with powerful enhancements that grant you unlimited health, infinite stamina, and complete immunity to radiation. Tailored for those who want to maximize their adventure in the Far, Far Range, these features ensure you can explore freely without the usual limitations.

Maximize Your Exploration Time

Dive into the vibrant world of Slime Rancher without the worry of stamina running low. With endless energy, you can fully immerse yourself in exploring new areas, collecting unique slimes, and farming resources.

Stay One Step Ahead of Danger

Radiation can be a threat in the enthralling landscapes of the Far, Far Range. By eliminating all radiation effects, you can focus more on fun experiences and less on survival, allowing for a more engaging gameplay.

Unleash Your Inner Rancher

Experience god mode with unlimited health that allows you to engage with the lively challenges of slime wrangling without the fear of defeat. This gives you the freedom to experiment and enjoy all aspects of ranch life.

Extra Details

Give yourself unlimited stamina and health and stop radiation with the Player Stats mod.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Health

Give yourself unlimited health, preventing it from decreasing and ensuring it always stays full.

Unlimited Stamina

Give yourself unlimited stamina, preventing it from decreasing and ensuring it always stays full.

No Radiation

Ensure your radiation stays on zero.

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