Allow Buy Locked Hats

A mod for Smithworks
About the Allow Buy Locked Hats mod

Transform your gameplay in Smithworks by unlocking and purchasing locked hats, allowing for endless customization and a more personal touch to your character's appearance, enhancing the overall fun and creativity during your crafting adventures.

Embrace Customization in Smithworks

Unlocking previously inaccessible hats allows players to truly customize their characters. With this feature, you can showcase your unique style, ensuring that every crafting session is a memorable one among friends.

Elevate Your Multiplayer Experience

Imagine an unforgettable session with friends, powered by the laughter and chaos of crafting while sporting your favorite hats. This mod gives you the freedom to experiment with new looks, making each game even more enjoyable.

Simple and Quick Setup

Installation is a breeze, meaning you can dive right into the fun without hassle. This mod authorizes the purchase of locked hats effortlessly, allowing you to focus on what really matters - crafting the best weapons and having a blast!

Extra Details

Allows you to buy the locked hats.

This modpack contains the following mods

Allow Buy Locked Hats

Allows you to buy locked hats

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