Infinite Order Time

A mod for Smithworks
About the Infinite Order Time mod

Experience the freedom to devote as much time as you want to fulfill customer orders with this unique modification. Customers will wait indefinitely, letting you immerse yourself in the joyful chaos of crafting without ever worrying about losing their patience.

Craft at Your Own Pace

Say goodbye to the rush! With this enhancement, you can take your time to craft the perfect weapon without the fear of customers leaving. Focus on quality rather than quantity and improve your blacksmithing skills in a pressure-free environment.

Teamwork Made Easy

Gather your friends for a cooperative experience like never before. This mod allows your team to collaborate effectively, making it easier to manage orders without the chaos of time constraints. Build better bonds and create masterpieces together.

A New Way to Enjoy Smithworks

Transform the way you play by diving into a more relaxed version of Smithworks. Enjoy a humorous and chaotic blacksmithing adventure where the only limit is your creativity, not a ticking clock.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite order time. Customers will wait forever and won't leave until their order is completed.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Order Time

Gives you infinite order time.

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