Give Items

A mod for Soda Dungeon 2
About the Give Items mod

Empower your Soda Dungeon 2 experience with the 'Give Items' mod, granting you the ability to access and customize your inventory with any desired items. Streamline your gameplay and crafting process by obtaining unlimited items with ease, and enjoy the freedom to experiment and explore various dimensions within the game.

Customize Your Inventory

Obtain any item you desire, enabling you to tailor your inventory to suit your gameplay style and preferences. Enjoy the freedom to experiment with various items and strengthen your gameplay.

Simplify Crafting

Enhance your crafting experience by obtaining 'amount' of every item, providing ease and speed in the item collection process. Craft without limitations and streamline your gaming experience.

Access Unlimited Items

Gain the ability to access unlimited items, allowing you to explore new dimensions, challenges, and possibilities within the game. Take advantage of the flexibility and expand your gaming horizons.

Extra Details

Give yourself any item.

This modpack contains the following mods

Item To Give

The item to give.

Refresh Item List

Refresh the list of available items.


The amount of the given item to give.

Give Item

Give yourself the selceted item.

Give All Items

Give yourself 'amount' of every item. This is very useful for crafting.

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