Space Crew: Legendary Edition

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Explore 8 mods across 3 modpacks for Space Crew: Legendary Edition.

Give Credits
Elevate your Space Crew: Legendary Edition gameplay by effortlessly obtaining a specific quantity of credits with the 'Give Credits' mod. Empower your crew, secure additional resources, and maximize your in-game progress with this simple and efficient way to gain credits.
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    Give Research
    Access modded content that instantly grants a specified amount of research in Space Crew: Legendary Edition, providing a customizable and enhanced gaming experience.
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      Infinite Health
      Elevate your Space Crew: Legendary Edition experience with this exclusive mod that provides never-ending hull health for your ship, reactor, and crew. Additionally, enjoy unlimited shield power and enable god mode, ensuring an unparalleled advantage in the game.
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        About Space Crew: Legendary Edition

        Time for your toughest mission yet! Recruit and train your crew to tackle the growing threat from alien and android armies as you defend Earth to become a Galactic Legend in Space Crew: Legendary Edition. All new content free to existing owners of Space Crew!