Start Daily Quest

A mod for Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition
About the Start Daily Quest mod

Dive into the heart of adventure with the ability to instantly select and start daily quests! Perfect for players looking to enhance their spirit-faring journey, this mod offers a refreshing take on gameplay management. Access daily quests and explore with ease by refreshing your quest list, providing a unique and engaging experience that keeps you in the action.

Unlock Seamless Gameplay

Experience the thrill of beginning quests without delay. With the ability to instantly select from daily quests, you will enjoy a smoother and more engaging gameplay experience. Dive straight into your next adventure without waiting.

Keep Things Fresh with Quest Refresh

Never get stuck in a routine again! Use the quest refresh feature to discover new challenges and keep your spirit exploring. Fresh quests await you, making every gaming session exciting and new.

Maximize Your Adventure with Customization

Take charge of your gameplay. Whether you want to pursue a specific quest or simply enjoy the thrill of choices, this tool caters to your desires. Get the most out of your Spiritfarer journey and enrich your experience with personalized quest selection.

Extra Details

Pick from a list of daily quests and start one instantly. You must have access to daily quests for this to work.

This modpack contains the following mods

Quest to Start

The quest to start.

Refresh Quest List

Refresh the quest list.

Start Quest

Start the specified quest.

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