Booster Spawner

A mod for Stacklands
About the Booster Spawner mod

Elevate your Stacklands gaming experience with the Booster Spawner mod. Spawn unique booster packs containing random sets of cards, refresh available boosters, and choose specific packs to customize your gameplay. Dive into diverse strategies and explore endless possibilities with this dynamic mod.

Customize Your Gameplay

Discover a whole new level of customization as you choose from a range of booster packs to spawn, each containing a random set of cards. Tailor your gaming experience according to your preferences and explore unique strategies with the Booster Spawner mod for Stacklands.

Refresh and Revitalize

Revitalize your gameplay by refreshing the available booster packs, ensuring that you always have new and exciting options to explore. Experience a constantly evolving game with fresh booster packs that offer endless possibilities, all made possible with the Booster Spawner mod for Stacklands.

Unleash Diverse Strategies

Unlock the potential to diversify your gameplay by spawning multiple booster packs. Experiment with different combinations and strategies, and harness the freedom to explore new tactics and approaches, enhancing your overall gaming experience with the Booster Spawner mod for Stacklands.

Extra Details

Spawn a range of booster packs which contain a random set of cards.

This modpack contains the following mods

Refresh Booster Packs

Refresh the booster packs that are available to be spawned.

Booster Pack to Spawn

The name of the booster pack to spawn. Load into the game and use the refresh booster pack button if this list is empty or missing something.

Number of Boosters to Spawn

The number of the given booster to spawn.

Spawn Booster Pack

Spawn the given booster pack. You msut be in the actual game for this to work.

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