Card Spawner

A mod for Stacklands
About the Card Spawner mod

Optimize your gaming experience with the ability to spawn an endless variety of cards and conveniently manage your selection. Refresh and select multiple cards at once, empowering you to enhance and expand your village effortlessly.

Endless Card Spawning

Quickly and effortlessly spawn an array of cards, providing limitless opportunities to enhance gameplay.

Efficient Card Management

Simplify card management by refreshing and selecting multiple cards simultaneously, optimizing the gaming experience.

Enhance Gameplay Experience

Empower your village building in Stacklands with the ability to efficiently manage and generate an extensive range of cards, allowing for creativity and expansion.

Extra Details

Spawn an endless supply of cards, pick from every card in the game and create multiple at once.

This modpack contains the following mods

Refresh Cards

Refresh the cards that are available to be spawned.

Card to Spawn

Which card to spawn. Load into the game and use the Refresh Cards option if this is empty.

Number of Cards to Spawn

The number of the given card to spawn.

Spawn Card

Spawn the selected card. You must be in the actual game for cards to spawn.

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