Inventory Manager

A mod for Starsand
About the Inventory Manager mod

Unleash your creativity with this mod for Starsand Demo. Take control of your inventory by unlocking unlimited crafting resources, instantly crafting items, and accessing all crafting recipes. Enhance your gaming experience with the freedom to create previously unavailable items.

Enhance Crafting Experience

Unlock infinite resources to craft anything you desire with our mod. Instantly craft items and unlock all recipes for an improved gaming experience.

Maximize Creativity and Control

Take back control of your inventory. With this mod, you can create items that were previously unavailable, providing unparalleled freedom and creativity in the game.

Unleash Unlimited Possibilities

Explore the game like never before. Effortlessly unlock unlimited resources, instantly create items, and access all crafting recipes, expanding the possibilities of your gaming adventure.

Extra Details

Want unlimited resources so you can craft anything you want? Want to give yourself items? This mod allows you to take back control of your inventory.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Crafting Resources

Give yourself unlimited crafting resources to ensure you can craft anything.

Instant Crafting

Allows you to instantly craft items.

Unlock All Recipes

Unlock all the crafting recipies.

Make All Items Craftable

Allows you to craft items that normally can't be crafted.

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