No Clip

A mod for Starsand
About the No Clip mod

Discover a new dimension of exploration with the No Clip mod for Starsand Demo. Seamlessly fly around the game world, uncover hidden secrets, and gain dynamic control over your movement speed, enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

Unearth New Secrets

With this mod, players can seamlessly traverse the desert environment from an aerial viewpoint, enabling them to uncover hidden treasures and inaccessible areas, enriching the gaming experience.

Enhanced Gameplay Control

The No Clip mod grants users dynamic control over their movement speed, allowing them to toggle between normal and sprinting no clip speeds, enhancing their navigation and exploration capabilities in the game.

Revolutionize Your Adventure

Immerse yourself in an entirely new gaming experience by incorporating the No Clip mod, transcending the conventional limitations to freely navigate the vast environment, and revolutionizing your adventure in the magical world of Starsand.

Extra Details

Want to fly around in no clip mode? This mod adds a no clip mode that allows you to fly around anywhere.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Clip

Allows you to fly around the map in no clip mode.

Normal No Clip Speed

This is the speed of no clip when you aren't holding down the sprint key.

Sprinting No Clip Speed

This is the speed of no clip when you are holding down the sprint key.

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