No Damage

A mod for Stick It To The Stickman
About the No Damage mod

Take your gameplay to the next level with infinite health! This mod ensures that your character cannot die, granting you godlike powers in Stick It To The Stickman. Enjoy fully healing after every attack and experience the thrill of combat without the risk of defeat.

Embrace Empowerment in Combat

Dive into the exciting world of high-impact brawling where you can fully embrace the combat mechanics without the fear of dying. With the ability to withstand any attack without taking damage, you can focus on mastering your moves and enjoying the wild physics-based gameplay.

Explore the Game Freely

Experience the freedom to explore every facet of the game at your own pace. With the worry of health and damage eliminated, you can take your time to discover hidden secrets and unleash your creativity in battles, reshaping your approach with each encounter.

Perfect for Casual and Hardcore Players Alike

Whether you’re a casual gamer looking to have fun or a hardcore player aiming to test the limits of combat strategies, this mod is tailored for you. Enjoy unlimited health and discover endless possibilities, making both exploration and combat a joyous experience.

Extra Details

Disables damage so your character can't die. Being attacked will now fully heal you. You have god mode.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Damage

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