Infinite Health

A mod for Subnautica
About the Infinite Health mod

Step into a world of infinite possibilities with this mod, allowing you to always maintain full health. No more worrying about perils lurking in the depths; now you can truly focus on exploring the breathtaking underwater landscapes of Subnautica without fear of dying.

Overview Video
Fearless Exploration

With the ability to maintain full health, you can dive into the most dangerous parts of the ocean without a second thought. Experience the thrill of close encounters with wildlife, knowing you won’t take any damage.

Unlimited Adventure Opportunities

The freedom to explore every nook and cranny of the immense underwater world allows you to uncover hidden treasures and secrets that would normally be too risky to pursue.

Creative Gameplay Experience

Enjoy experimenting with the game’s mechanics, crafting items, and utilizing submarines without the limitations of health constraints. Discover new strategies in how you approach survival.

Extra Details

Give yourself infinite health and prevent yourself from dying. Your health will always be full.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Health

Get infinite health and prevent yourself from dying.

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