No Aggression

A mod for Subnautica
About the No Aggression mod

Ensure a safe and stress-free experience in Subnautica by utilizing this mod that disables aggression, preventing enemies from attacking the player.

Overview Video
Enhance Survival Experience

Ensure a more secure and enjoyable gameplay by utilizing the mod to prevent creatures from attacking, allowing for deeper exploration and less stress during gameplay.

Explore Unhindered

With the mod, players can explore the depths of Subnautica without the fear of being attacked by aggressive creatures, making underwater exploration more peaceful and immersive.

Peaceful Underwater Adventure

Dive into a serene underwater world in Subnautica and experience the tranquility of the ocean without worrying about hostile encounters, thanks to the mod that disables enemy aggression.

Extra Details

Disables aggression so that no enemies will attack you.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Aggression

Disables aggression so no enemies will attack you.

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