SuchArt Creative Space

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Give Money
This mod empowers players to effortlessly adjust and increase their in-game currency, providing the freedom to pursue various activities and possibilities within the game without limitations.
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    Enhance your experience in SuchArt Creative Space with a mod that allows you to fly, uncover hidden secrets, and access new areas effortlessly. Customize your flying experience with adjustable speeds, bypassing obstacles and navigating the game world with unparalleled freedom.
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      Give Fame
      Embrace limitless creativity and opportunities in SuchArt Creative Space with the ability to instantly add a specified amount of fame, unlocking new horizons and possibilities for your studio and artistic endeavors.
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        About SuchArt Creative Space

        Paint on any surfaces with numerous tools in Creative Space — a free sandbox version of SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator. Create masterpieces, complete commissions, and decorate your studio in the most advanced artist sim!