Add Days

A mod for Sunkenland
About the Add Days mod

Unlock new potential within Sunkenland with the 'Add Days' mod. Enhance your gameplay by adding up to 364 days, granting extended time to delve into the waterworld-themed survival experience, fortify your base, scavenge sunken cities, and defend against invasions.

Extend Your Sunkenland Experience

This mod introduces an option to add up to 364 days within the game, providing an extended experience and further opportunities for base building, scavenging, crafting, and defense against NPC invasions.

Gameplay Control and Flexibility

Instead of being limited by the natural passage of time, this mod grants players the ability to fast forward time, allowing them to progress and explore the game world at a pace that suits their playstyle and objectives.

Maximize Your Sunkenland Adventure

With the capability to add more days, players can enrich their gameplay by maximizing their time in the Sunkenland world, enhancing their immersion and strategic opportunities within the game.

Extra Details

Increase the number of days that have passed. The max is 364, after that, it just cycles back to 0.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Days to Add

The amount of days to add.

Add Days

Add the specified amount of days.

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