Free Building & Crafting

A mod for Sunkenland
About the Free Building & Crafting mod

Dive into a world where the barriers of resource gathering are gone, allowing you to build and craft whatever your heart desires. This mod transforms your experience in Sunkenland, providing a creative outlet where constructing stunning bases is as simple as laying down a foundation and letting your imagination run wild.

Unleash Your Imagination

Transform your gameplay experience by creating unique bases and structures without the constraints of resource management. Forget about gathering materials; focus on designing your ideal world!

Experience Effortless Crafting

Say goodbye to the tedious grinding for materials! This mod introduces the ability to craft items instantly, allowing you to enjoy the full depth of crafting without the usual hassles — the perfect solution for streamlining your adventures.

Explore Boundless Construction

With the foundations laid down, your creativity knows no bounds. Whether you're envisioning a beautiful water retreat or a fortified outpost, building whatever you like has never been easier in the world of Sunkenland.

Extra Details

Makes building & crafting completely free. You no longer need items to build & craft. You can build & craft anything. Refresh any menus for the UI to update. You have some what of a creative mode. Make sure to build foundations then you can build anything on top of that.

This modpack contains the following mods

Free Building & Crafting

Gives you free building & crafting.

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