Set Time

A mod for Sunkenland
About the Set Time mod

Take control of your world in this immersive survival game by easily setting the time of day to suit your gameplay needs. Whether you want to venture out during daylight or prepare for night raids, adjusting the in-game hour enhances your strategy and enriches your experience.

Control Your Daylight

Adjusting the hour of the day allows you to experience the game in your own way, ensuring you have the perfect light for scavenging and base building.

Enhance Your Survival Strategy

Manipulating time can significantly impact your survival strategy, enabling you to plan invasions or resource gathering at ideal times.

Experience Freedom in Gameplay

This feature gives players the freedom to choose when to engage with different elements of the game, leading to a more personalized and enjoyable experience.

Extra Details

Set the time of day between 0 and 23. This is the hour of the day, a value of 16 would be 4:00pm.

This modpack contains the following mods

Time to Set

The time to set. A value of 16 would be 4:00pm.

Set Time

Set the time.

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