Unlock All Research

A mod for Sunkenland
About the Unlock All Research mod

Unlock all research instantly and enhance your Sunkenland experience! No more grinding for resources—refresh any menus to see your upgrades reflected in real-time and dive straight into unique crafting and building options.

Maximize Your Gameplay Potential

With this mod, you can access every research option available in the game. Imagine diving straight into advanced crafting and building without spending countless hours gathering research materials.

Seamless Integration for Quick Access

Once you install this modification, refreshing any menus will instantly update your UI. This means you won’t miss any opportunities while scavenging or building, allowing for a more fluid and engaging gaming experience.

Explore Without Limits

Experience the thrill of a limitless exploration as you unlock all research instantly. Crafting, base building, and defending your territory become open fields for creativity and strategy without the usual restrictions.

Extra Details

Unlocks all research for you instantly. Refresh any menus for the UI to update.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Research

Gives you unlock all research.

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