Items Don't Shatter

About the Items Don't Shatter mod

Enjoy unrestricted gameplay with the mod that prevents items from shattering in SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE. With this mod, users can throw items continuously, engage in non-stop melee combat, and progress seamlessly without the constraints of item breakage.

Unleash Unrestricted Item Throw

Throw items incessantly without the fear of breakage, providing unprecedented possibilities during gameplay.

Endless Destructive Melee

Engage in non-stop melee combat without limitations or concerns about item shattering, empowering an unrestricted, action-packed experience.

Seamless Progression without Limits

Experience the game without the hindrance of shattering items, allowing fluid progression and uninterrupted enjoyment of the gameplay.

Extra Details

Stops items from shattering. You can use melee weapons as much as you want. You can throw items over and over. Glass still breaks so you can advance. Works well.

This modpack contains the following mods

Items Don't Shatter

Items don't shatter.

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