Give Weapons

A mod for SUPERHOT
About the Give Weapons mod

Equip yourself with an array of powerful weapons, including the Katana, Pistol, Assault Rifle, and Shotgun instantly during gameplay. Experience seamless weapon switching with the added convenience of hotkeys.

Unleash Your Arsenal

Elevate your gaming experience by effortlessly equipping yourself with an impressive range of weapons, including a Katana, Pistol, Assault Rifle, and Shotgun, enabling you to dominate your enemies in the unique world of SUPERHOT.

Seamless Weapon Switching

Experience ultimate control with hotkeys that enable swift weapon switching, allowing you to adapt and strategize on-the-fly, enhancing your combat efficiency and maneuverability during gameplay in SUPERHOT.

Empower Your Gameplay

Gain an advantage by instantly adding powerful weapons to your arsenal, giving you the upper hand in challenging encounters and ensuring a thrilling and action-packed experience in SUPERHOT.

Extra Details

Give yourself weapons instantly. Choose from Katana, Pistol, Assault Rifle and Shotgun.

This modpack contains the following mods

Give Katana

Gives you a Katana.

Give Pistol

Gives you a Pistol.

Give Assault Rifle

Gives you a Assault Rifle.

Give Shotgun

Gives you a Shotgun.

Add Hotkeys To Change Weapons

Adds bindings to 1 through 5 to change weapons. Any current weapon you have will be thrown and replaced with a new weapon. 1 is Katana, 2 is Pistol, 3 is Assault Rifle, 4 is a Shotgun and 5 is a baton.

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