Supermarket Simulator: Prologue

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Give Store Points
Elevate your supermarket management in Supermarket Simulator Prologue with the ability to instantly allocate a specified amount of store points, customizing and enhancing your gameplay experience.
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    Gain the ability to fly and explore unreachable areas, discover hidden secrets and navigate through obstacles with the Fly mod for Supermarket Simulator: Prologue. Tailor your movement speed to swiftly traverse the game world.
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      Give Money
      This mod provides a seamless method to instantly add a specified amount of in-game money, allowing players to enhance and personalize their Supermarket Simulator: Prologue gaming experience by avoiding resource limitations and focusing on gameplay.
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        About Supermarket Simulator: Prologue

        Start running your own supermarket with Prologue already. Stock shelves, handle cashier tasks, process online orders, design & expand. Set the prices based on the market. Be prepared to face the consequences if you fail to make the nightly repayment to the gangs.