Remove Boxes

A mod for Supermarket Simulator
About the Remove Boxes mod

The mod provides the option to automatically remove empty boxes, offering a clutter-free game environment. Users can manually remove empty boxes without affecting their possessions, enhancing overall game navigation and efficiency. Additionally, there is the capability to remove all boxes, including those with items, and specifically target furniture boxes for a more organized virtual supermarket.

Overview Video
Create a Cleaner In-Game Environment

Easily tidy up the game environment by automatically removing empty boxes and furniture boxes without impacting the items you and others possess. Maintain a clutter-free space and focus on managing your supermarket without the distraction of unnecessary boxes.

Effortless Box Management

Simplify gameplay by opting to auto-remove empty boxes or manually remove them, giving you full control over the game environment. Quickly clean up the space at your discretion, enhancing overall game navigation and strategy.

Enhance Gameplay Efficiency

Improve the efficiency of gameplay by choosing to remove all boxes, even those containing items, or specifically targeting furniture boxes. Streamline game management and create a more organized and visually appealing virtual supermarket.

Extra Details

Remove boxes and furniture. You can optionally automatically remove empty boxes, causing any empty boxes to automatically be removed. You can also manually remove empty boxes if you disable the auto remove part. This will NOT remove any boxes in your hands, or in someone else's hands. You can also remove all boxes, and furniture boxes.

This modpack contains the following mods

Auto Remove Empty Boxes

Empty boxes will automatically be removed.

Remove Empty Boxes

Remove all empty boxes.

Remove All Boxes

Remove all boxes, even if they have stuff in them. This won't remove boxes that have furniture.

Remove All Furniture Boxes

Remove all furniture boxes.

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