Auto Set Prices

A mod for Supermarket Simulator
About the Auto Set Prices mod

Transform your supermarket experience by automating the pricing process. This mod sets prices to match market rates for items without assigned values, freeing you from tedious manual adjustments and letting you concentrate on expanding your store.

Overview Video
Effortless Price Management

Imagine a world where adjusting prices is automated, giving you more time to focus on stocking shelves and handling various tasks around your supermarket. This mod ensures your pricing remains competitive without the hassle.

Maximize Your Profits

Setting the right prices is crucial for keeping your customers happy and your business thriving. With this mod, you can ensure that every item matches market standards, leading to improved sales and customer satisfaction.

Simplify Your Supermarket Experience

If managing your store’s prices has become a tedious chore, this mod is your solution. It guarantees that prices are set according to market value, making your gameplay smoother and more enjoyable as you navigate other supermarket challenges.

Extra Details

Automatically sets the prices of items that have no prices to the market price.

This modpack contains the following mods

Auto Set Prices

Automatically set the prices of items that have no prices to the market price.

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