Auto Stock Shelves

A mod for Supermarket Simulator
About the Auto Stock Shelves mod

Enhance your gameplay in Supermarket Simulator with a mod that takes care of stocking shelves for you. This tool automatically places items from boxes onto their designated shelves, allowing you to manage your store more efficiently.

Overview Video
Effortless Stocking Experience

Imagine transforming your supermarket management with a simple feature that takes over the tedious task of stocking shelves. This mod allows you to focus on other aspects of running your store while it automatically places items from your boxes right onto the shelves.

Maximize Your Shelf Space

With the ability to stock items on completely new shelves, this mod ensures that no space goes unutilized. Optimize your supermarket layout and ensure customers find the products they need without hassle.

Speed Up Your Game

Why wait for products to slowly make their way to shelves when you can stock them instantly? By enabling the rapid stocking feature, you can get your products in place faster than ever, keeping your shoppers happy and engaged.

Extra Details

Automatically place items from boxes onto shelves.

This modpack contains the following mods

Auto Stock Shelves

Automatically place items from boxes onto shelves.

Allow Stock On New Shelves

When enabled, the auto stock mod is allowed to put items onto shelves that don't have any items yet.

Stock Really Fast

Stock shelves really fast, the products will more or less instantly stock instead of flying across the room.

Remove Excess Stock

Remove any excess stock from shelves, in cases where the mod put too much onto a single shelf.

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