Place Furniture Anywhere

A mod for Supermarket Simulator
About the Place Furniture Anywhere mod

Unleash your creativity and revamp your store layout with the Place Furniture Anywhere mod. Now, you can place furniture, like shelves and racks, in diverse areas beyond standard positions, providing flexibility to transform your supermarket according to your vision. Say goodbye to the constraints of fixed placement and elevate your gaming experience with this innovative mod.

Customize Your Store Like Never Before

Unleash your creativity and completely redesign your supermarket by placing furniture anywhere you desire. Whether it's shelves in storage areas or display racks in main shopping areas, this mod allows you to transform your store layout to suit your needs, making it truly your own.

Enhance Your Gameplay Experience

With the ability to place furniture without the limitations of standard positions, this mod provides an immersive gaming experience. Store layout innovations are now at your fingertips, allowing you to optimize space and elevate your gameplay to new heights.

Simplify Inventory Management

By enabling the placement of furniture in unconventional locations, this mod simplifies inventory management, making it easier to categorize and access items. This adds a new dimension to your Supermarket Simulator experience, enhancing the game's overall efficiency and realism.

Extra Details

Allows you to place furniture anywhere. Place shelves in your storage, place racks in your main shop. Place things on the street. Place things in the wall. Anything goes. You can still see valid positions as things will highlight red for invalid positions. Simply click, even if the furniture is red and it will be placed regardless of the location being valid.

This modpack contains the following mods

Place Furniture Anywhere

Allows you to place furniture anywhere.

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