Set Store Name

A mod for Supermarket Simulator
About the Set Store Name mod

Transform your Supermarket Simulator experience by customizing your store with a unique name. This mod allows you to stand out in the retail world, making your supermarket truly your own. With this simple yet impactful tool, you can forge a memorable identity for your store.

Create Your Unique Brand Identity

Stand apart from other supermarkets by using this tool to create a memorable name that captures your unique store vibe. Customers will appreciate the individuality and flair you bring to your supermarket experience.

Easily Change Your Store Name Anytime

With the simple interface, you can change your store's name at the click of a button. Whether it’s a rebranding effort or just having some fun, this mod makes it easy to adapt your store's identity instantly.

Immersive Experience Through Personalization

Elevate your gameplay by customizing key elements like your store name. When you can control details like this, your supermarket feels more like your own, making each session more rewarding and enjoyable.

Extra Details

Enhance your Supermarket Simulator experience with the Store Name Changer mod, allowing you to personalize your store by giving it a unique name. Stand out in the retail world and make your supermarket truly your own!

This modpack contains the following mods

Store Name to Set

Store name to set.

Set Store Name

Set the specified store name.

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