Infinite Blood

A mod for Surgeon Simulator 2
About the Infinite Blood mod

Transform your surgical experience in Surgeon Simulator 2 with the opportunity for infinite blood levels, ensuring Bob is always stable during your operations. Say goodbye to the stress of bleeding out and unleash your surgical prowess without limits!

Experience Tension-Free Surgeries

Embrace the thrill of surgery without fears of losing your patient. With the assurance that Bob's blood volume is always stocked, you can focus on perfecting your surgical techniques and achieving those tricky procedures.

Push Your Surgical Skills to the Limit

Dive into challenging scenarios where precision is key. By eliminating the risk of bleeding out, this mod allows for more experimentation and creativity in your surgical approach, making every operation entertaining.

Strategize with Confidence

Enjoy the freedom to make bold decisions during surgery. Whether you're a veteran or a newcomer, the safety net of unlimited blood lets you explore advanced tactics without the pressure of Bob’s well-being hanging in the balance.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite blood. Bob's blood will always be filled to a minimum of 5600ml of blood. Bob won't bleed out. The patient will instantly die if you turn this mod off and they have lost more than 5600ml of blood.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Blood

Gives you infinite blood.

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