Finish Surgery

A mod for Surgeon Simulator
About the Finish Surgery mod

Effortlessly attain victory in Surgeon Simulator by instantly completing the ongoing surgery or level with this mod, ensuring a win when you have over 0ml of blood. It simplifies gameplay and enhances the overall experience by providing a shortcut to success.

Quick and Easy Victory

Empower your gameplay by utilizing the mod to instantly complete the ongoing surgery, securing a win when you have over 0ml of blood, turning the challenging task into a swift success.

Simplify Your Progression

Eliminate the frustration of getting stuck on a level by utilizing the mod, allowing you to bypass the difficulties and instantly finish the current level, providing a seamless path to your progress.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Transform your gaming experience by using the mod, eliminating the need to struggle with surgeries or levels, and offering a more enjoyable and efficient way to conquer the game.

Extra Details

Instantly finish the current surgery, making you win if your blood level is still above 0ml.

This modpack contains the following mods

Finish Level

Instantly finish the current level, winning if you have more than 0ml of blood level.

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