Increase Damage

A mod for Surgeon Simulator
About the Increase Damage mod

Elevate your surgical experience with this extraordinary modification, which empowers your weapons to break anything they touch. From instant bone fractures to severed connections, enjoy the unique thrill of god-like damage, while ensuring you have the right tools for the job.

Experience God-like Power

With this mod, you're not just a surgeon; you're a force of nature. Experience the freedom to obliterate bones and connections with a mere touch, allowing for a new level of gameplay excitement and creativity. Transform tedious surgeries into exhilarating challenges.

The Right Tool for the Job

Even with enhanced damage, precision matters. This mod ensures that while your weapons will break bones and connections instantly, you still need to wield the proper tools for each surgery. This makes for a balance of fun and challenge, perfect for those eager to master their surgical skills.

Unleashing Chaos in Surgical Procedures

Imagine the mayhem of a surgical room where everything can be destroyed at the touch of a button. This mod offers a unique approach to surgery, allowing players to embrace chaos while still navigating the humor and absurdity that Surgeon Simulator is known for. Are you ready to wreak havoc?

Extra Details

Makes your weapons instantly break anything they touch. Break bones instantly. Destroy any connections with a simple touch. Watch out, you now have godly damage.

This modpack contains the following mods

Max Damage Connectors

Increases your damage to instantly break all connectors. You will still need to use the correct tool.

Max Damage Bones

Increases your damage to instantly break all bones. You will still need to use the correct tool.

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