Multiply Score

A mod for THE BUTTON
About the Multiply Score mod

Leverage the Multiply Score mod to instantly boost your performance in THE BUTTON by multiplying your score by a specified amount. Take control of your progress and achieve victory with this powerful mod.

Amplify Your Score Instantly

Take your game to the next level by instantly multiplying your score by a specific amount, providing a significant boost in your performance within THE BUTTON.

Tailored Score Multiplier

Pave your way to victory with the ability to customize the amount of score you want to multiply, putting the power of progress in your hands.

Seize Your Victory

Take charge and enhance your gaming prowess by effortlessly increasing your score, propelling yourself to victory with THE BUTTON's Multiply Score mod.

Extra Details

Instantly multiply yourself a specified amount of score.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Score to Multiply

The amount of score to multiply.

Multiply Score

Multiply the specified amount of score.

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