Increase Max Game Speed

A mod for The Colonists
About the Increase Max Game Speed mod

Experience The Colonists like never before with a remarkable boost in gameplay speed. This mod allows you to increase the maximum fast forward speed to a staggering 32,768, unlocking a range of extra speed options to enhance your gaming efficiency and enjoyment.

Cruise Through Your Construction

With the advanced speed options, players can fast track their construction projects. This allows for quicker resource gathering and building, making it easier to establish your robotic colony efficiently.

Master Strategy with Speed

Use the enhanced speed to test and modify your strategies as you can swiftly react to changes in the game environment. Experience a new layer of tactical gameplay by adjusting your plans on the fly.

Effortlessly Enhance Your Gameplay Experience

Transform the way you play The Colonists by immersing yourself in a fast-paced world where you control the speed of your journey. Enjoy rapid progress towards achieving your ultimate dream of building a home for your robots.

Extra Details

Increases the max fast forward speed to 32,768 as well as adding a bunch of extra speed options along the way.

This modpack contains the following mods

Increase Max Game Speed

Increases the max game speed.

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