Instant Construction

A mod for The Colonists
About the Instant Construction mod

Experience instant construction without any resource or visibility limitations, and eliminate the need for bot access. Streamline your gameplay and unlock greater flexibility and efficiency in building and designing your colony.

Streamline Your Gameplay

Experience an accelerated construction process, enabling efficient progress and productivity in your design and build endeavors.

Unlimited Building Abilities

Explore endless construction possibilities without the constraints of resources, visibility, or bot accessibility.

Enhanced Efficiency and Flexibility

Boost your game with instant construction, removing all barriers and offering maximum flexibility in building and designing your colony.

Accelerated Construction for The Colonists

Optimize your gaming experience with instant construction, effortlessly advancing your colony building efforts.

Elevate Your Construction Game

Enjoy the convenience and speed of instant construction, amplifying your ability to expand and improve your colony.

Unlock Rapid Building Advantages

Gain the upper hand in construction with the ability to instantly complete builds, eliminating obstacles and enhancing your colony's progress.

Extra Details

Construction will instantly be finished. You don't need to construct things, they will just finish instantly, regardless of the resources you have, and even if bots can't reach the site.

This modpack contains the following mods

Instant Construction

Gives you instant construction.

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