Spawn Unit

A mod for The Colonists
About the Spawn Unit mod

Elevate your colony's potential with the ability to instantly spawn a variety of units, providing customization and efficiency in managing your resources and operations. With easy unit refresh options, you can shape your colonization experience as per your specific needs.

Customize Your Colonists' World

Bring diversity to your colony with the ability to spawn various units instantly, enhancing your gameplay with a wide range of choices.

Efficient Unit Management

Easily manage and refresh your available units list, ensuring smooth operations in your colony without any hassle or delays.

Enhanced Gameplay Experience

Experience seamless and dynamic gameplay by having the power to spawn the specific units you need, creating a thriving and efficient colony.

Extra Details

Instantly spawn yourself the specified unit.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unit to Spawn

The unit to spawn.

Refresh Unit List

Refresh the items list.


The quantity to spawn.

Spawn Unit

Spawn the specified unit.

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