Give Money

A mod for The Escapists 2
About the Give Money mod

Elevate your gaming experience in The Escapists 2 with the Give Money mod, granting you boundless wealth to purchase any desired item in the game, and endless resources to enhance your gameplay. Customize and share infinite money among players, unlocking unparalleled freedom and creativity within the game.

Enhance Gameplay with Limitless Wealth

Gain the ability to customize and share an infinite amount of money amongst players for a more enriching gameplay experience. Utilize this endless wealth to freely purchase various items without constraints, allowing you to reach new levels of creativity and freedom within the game.

Unrestricted Financial Freedom

Experience unparalleled financial freedom within The Escapists 2 with a mod that grants you unlimited resources. Acquire the power to manipulate currency, enabling you to transcend the limitations of in-game currency and enjoy boundless opportunities for customization and exploration.

Unleash Creativity with Unlimited Resources

Use this mod to tap into a world of possibilities by accessing limitless resources. By unlocking infinite money, you can transcend the ordinary constraints of the game and fully engage in creative and strategic pursuits, enriching your overall gaming experience.

Extra Details

Give yourself money. Get infinite money. Buy anything you want.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount To Give

Enable this toggle to set the amount of money that each local player has.

Give Money

Give yourself the specified amount of money.

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