A mod for The Forest
About the Fly mod

Unlock unparalleled freedom and mobility in The Forest with this mod. Fly anywhere and access hidden locations using the no clip mode, enabling seamless navigation through walls and barriers. Customize your character's speed and effortlessly explore the game environment with enhanced movement options.

Overview Video
Unrestricted Exploration

Unlock the power of free flight and no clip mode to explore every nook and cranny of The Forest. Access hidden areas and enjoy unparalleled exploration like never before.

Seamless Navigation

Experience seamless navigation within the game with the ability to walk through walls and obstacles. Enhance your gameplay by effortlessly moving past barriers and accessing previously inaccessible areas.

Enhanced Mobility Options

Leverage the various speed options available to customize and improve your character's mobility, enabling swift and flexible movement around the game environment.

Extra Details

Make your character fly. Go anywhere. Enter what is known as no clip mode where you can walk through walls and go anywhere.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Clip

Allows you to fly around the map in no clip mode.

Normal No Clip Speed

This is the speed of no clip when you aren't holding down the sprint key.

Sprinting No Clip Speed

This is the speed of no clip when you are holding down the sprint key.

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