Give Items

A mod for The Forest
About the Give Items mod

Break free from item constraints in The Forest with this mod. Gain the ability to give yourself any item, bypass item limits, and modify the quantity of items in your inventory. Ignored weight limits also enable you to carry more items than the standard capacity, enhancing your survival adventure.

Empower Your Inventory

Elevate your gaming experience by breaking item barriers and customizing your in-game inventory capacity. This mod allows you to carry an expanded range of items, giving you the power to better navigate and survive the dangers of The Forest.

Flexible Item Management

Experience enhanced freedom in item management, enabling adjustments to the quantity of items within your inventory in The Forest. This flexibility opens up new strategic possibilities, providing an edge in your survival journey.

Unrestricted Item Access

Gain access to an array of items beyond standard game limits. This mod empowers you to tailor your inventory to your needs, allowing you to overcome game-imposed constraints and fully immerse yourself in the mysterious world of The Forest.

Extra Details

Give yourself any item. Bypass item limits and get more of certain items than you can normally carry.

This modpack contains the following mods

Item to Give

The item to add to your inventory or hold in your hands.

Item Give Count

How many of the item to give. This only applies to items that can be stored in your inventory. There is a limit of items which can be bypassed using the 'Ignore Weight Limits' option.

Give Item

Give you the selected item. Some items will be added directly to your hand and you won't be able to give yourself more than one. Item limits are controlled via the item limits option.

Refresh Items

Refresh the list of possible items.

Ignore Weight Limits

Allows you to bypass item and weight limits for items. You can carry more items than normal.

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