Player Stats

A mod for The Forest
About the Player Stats mod

Experience unprecedented gameplay enhancements in The Forest with this mod. Achieve limitless immortality, health, stamina, energy, and underwater breathing. In addition, ensure protection against hunger, thirst, and extreme temperatures, providing an unmatched gaming experience.

Overview Video
Unmatched Gameplay Immortality

Elevate your gaming experience in The Forest with unparalleled immortality. Gain limitless health and prevent death while still experiencing the thrill of facing damage in the game. Never worry about fatal injuries again!

Ultimate Survival Enhancements

Take your survival skills to a new level with unlimited stamina, energy, and air underwater. Keep your body temperature optimal and never succumb to hunger or thirst. Enjoy seamless gameplay with these essential enhancements.

Fearless Exploration and Uninterrupted Adventures

Embark on fearless exploration and uninterrupted adventures in The Forest with these mod features. Dive into the depths with infinite air supply, remain impervious to hunger and thirst, and defy the elements with stable body temperature. Discover the game's world like never before!

Extra Details

Get unlimited health, stamina and energy. Prevent yourself from ever dying. Get unlimited air and breathe under water forever. Stop your body temperature from going too low.

This modpack contains the following mods

Prevent Death

Prevent yourself from dying. You can still take damage you just won't drop below 1hp.

Full Health

Sets your health to be full all the time.

Full Stamina

Sets your stamina to be full all the time.

Full Energy

Sets your energy to be full all the time.

No Thirst

Sets your thirst to be full all the time. Prevents you from dying of thirst.

No Hunger

Sets your fullness to be full all the time. Prevents you from dying of hunger.

Full Air

Sets your air to be full all the time. Allows you to breath under water forever.

Good Body Temperature

Ensures your body doesn't drop below 37.

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