Spawn NPCs

A mod for The Forest
About the Spawn NPCs mod

Elevate your gameplay in The Forest by instantly summoning a wide range of creatures including animals and mutants in front of you. With options to bypass NPC spawn limits, refresh the available NPCs list, and automatically trap animals when spawned, this mod transforms your gaming experience by providing new challenges and interactions.

Enhance Your Gameplay

Summon a diverse range of creatures, from animals to mutants, instantly altering your gaming experience by introducing new challenges and interactions.

Unlimited Summoning

Bypass spawning limitations and effortlessly summon a wide variety of creatures, disregarding any previous constraints to enhance your game with ease.

Immerse Yourself in The Forest

Create a new level of immersion and excitement by refreshing the NPCs list, spawning targeted creatures, and even automatically trapping animals, all to elevate your journey in The Forest.

Extra Details

Spawn a wide range of NPCs in front of you. Spawn animals and mutants.

This modpack contains the following mods

NPC to Spawn

The NPC to spawn.

Refresh NPC List

Refresh the list of NPCs.

Spawn Trapped

Automatically trap any animals that are spawned. This will prevent them from running away.

Ignore Spawn Limits

Ignores the spawn limits when spawning thnigs. Some NPCs have limits on how many can spawn at once.

Spawn NPC

Spawn the selected NPC in front of you.

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