Super Damage

A mod for The Forest
About the Super Damage mod

Transform your gaming experience with an incredible damage boost that lets you instantly eliminate enemies. Face the challenges of The Forest with newfound power, ensuring your survival against the ruthless mutants lurking around every corner.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior

With the ability to deliver massive damage, you can transform into an unstoppable force. Fight against the terrifying mutants without fear and enjoy the thrill of taking down enemies with a single blow.

Perfect for Survival Enthusiasts

If you thrive on the tension of survival games, this mod offers an adrenaline rush that enhances your experience. Feel the power surge as you eliminate threats quickly and efficiently, making survival less daunting.

Seamless Integration into Gameplay

This mod integrates smoothly into The Forest, allowing you to focus on exploration and survival. Imagine traversing the wilderness without constantly worrying about getting overwhelmed—this mod makes those extreme moments manageable.

Extra Details

Gain super damage which will allow you to instantly kill enemies.

This modpack contains the following mods

Super Damage

Causes your damage to enemies to be greatly increased and instantly kill.

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