No Insanity

A mod for The Glitched Attraction
About the No Insanity mod

This mod offers enhanced gameplay by removing the insanity mechanic, providing immunity to its effects such as screen shaking, and eliminating the risk of losing due to prolonged puzzle-solving. Enjoy an uninterrupted and stress-free experience in The Glitched Attraction.

Immerse Yourself Without Limits

Unlock new levels of immersion with the removal of the insanity mechanic, allowing you to fully focus on the game's storyline and puzzles without any interruptions or obstacles.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Enjoy a stress-free gaming experience with the elimination of screen shaking and other sanity-related effects, providing a smooth and undisturbed gameplay.

Uninterrupted Puzzle Solving

No longer worry about time constraints or the risk of losing due to prolonged puzzle-solving, giving you the freedom to strategize and solve the mysteries at your own pace.

Extra Details

Removes the insanity mechanic regardless of which mode you play on. You won't lose for taking a long time to finish a puzzle.

This modpack contains the following mods

Disable Insanity

Disables the insanity mechanic. This is present in harder modes and makes your screen shake like crazy and lots of things appear on screen.

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